Lake’s caching

Lake’s caching and review

Lake is a card that is not subject to the total amount regulation which is changed to the name “Shinsei Bank Card Loan Lake” and is subject to the application of the Banking Act, not the Money Lending Business Law of Consumer Finance.

Relation to 1/3 regulation of annual income disappeared, but this time it will be assessed according to the examination criteria of the Banking Law and it becomes necessary to conduct strict examination.

It is because it is judged whether payment within the range of annual income is possible taking account of home funds borrowed at banks, car purchase funds, educational funds and other credit payments.

However, even if you think that it is a bit impossible, if you can accept that risk and you can judge that you can lend out, you can take a loan.

In the case of the money lending business, you can finance without any problem if it falls below 1/3 of the annual income.

It is very simple and clear that I think about it just like casino en ligne canada.

When the country decided the total amount regulation, there are also many loans at the gray zone interest rate, with a lot of multiple debtors coming out, the majority of which have exceeded the total regulation, the total borrowing does not return within the regulatory frame As long as I repay it, I did not have a lender for money.

At the time of the enforcement, self-bankruptcy, a night flight, suicide continued to be a social problem.

What is called escape, the country has excluded loans made by banks from the framework of total regulation.

Banks have provisions of the Banking Act and can not easily lend funds.

As a result of this, the struggle he thought was absorbed by the merger of consumer finance and the group, and as a result, the risks borne by the former consumer finance group were risked by avoiding the risks borne by the banks.

Since Shinsei Bank Card Lone Lake should have financed while considering such risk, it seems that a little flexibility is enough.

Lake’s Internet site can “Borrow Diagnosis” so that you can check in advance whether borrowing is possible or not.

However, we do not input personal information such as name, address etc for identity verification, so do not know the accident information etc because we do the diagnosis.

It seems that priority is given to protection of personal information at this stage.

Therefore, please think that it is for those who use it by starting caching.

The age restriction which can borrow is also from 20 years old to 70 years old, and it is characterized by being paid by even pension recipients.

Moreover, since the amount of desired borrowing is 5,000,000 yen from 10,000 yen, there is no thing going through even if it is a diagnosis, if you are hoping for a large amount of borrowing.