Card loans not covered

Card loans not covered by total regulation

Since bank loans and bank card loans are out of the total amount regulation, it is possible to organize card loans.

Also, money lenders and credit companies deal with “consolidated loans”.

Loans that do not conflict with this total regulation in a large sense, please consider all non-eligible if you only repay after borrowing money.

For example, there are various loans according to purpose, such as buying a house, buying a car, using it for educational funds.

These loans are “exclusion loans”.

Besides this, lenders are allowed to lend to individual business operators and refinance which is one-sided advantage to obligors as “exception lending”.

One of the exceptions is “consolidated loan”.

A bank card loan is a bank card loan, a card loan of a credit bank, a card loan of a labor safe, a card loan of an agricultural cooperative, a moneylender merged with a bank and a moneylender entering under a group.

These lenders also do not have a problem because they are financing under the provisions of the Banking Law.

The borrower not subject to the total amount regulation is inevitable because the lender will make its own judgment considering the total amount of all borrowings, living expenses and other general expenses for the subject of the examination Hmm.

Loans outside the scope of total regulation, in most cases guarantee companies enter.

Of course, you will be subject to review by this guarantee company.

It is a means for banks to reduce the risk of the lessor just like casino en ligne

In the event that the repayment of the obligor is delayed, the guarantee company will be replaced by the obligor and repayment will be made so that this guarantee company will make the subsequent request to the obligor.

Please note that the credit information of the banking system of the debtor will definitely become “black” at this point.

Certainly the hurdles are expensive, but what is so attractive is the low interest rate.

As for small-lot loans except some banking systems, it is about “annual interest rate of 14.5%”, so we recommend that you transfer to these card loans so that repayment will be easier a little.

Even if the bank does not have a trading account, it is possible to apply for a loan, but if you apply for a loan with a bank that opens an account, you can reach up to borrow smoothly and you can shorten the time to finance If you are in a hurry to finance, we will limit this method.